General eLibrary Search

The eLibrary page has several search boxes. This one will search the entire eLibrary. Other search pages are more targeted to different types of documents. This search is one typically used by researchers for current material. MEDIA is not yet included since there are few transcripts available.

Originally im+m, used Acrobat search, but Google has a complete and accurate site specific search. It seems the index is updated each night. Alternatively the URL will take the user to a list of publishers and clicking on a publisher

Each page will be presented with bookmarks and will have thumbnails. Each page will be presented first as a full page with bookmarks. Subsequent pages will follow the first of the previous page or the user’s expressed choice. The header or title page for each publisher with be presented at actual size to differentiate it from document pages. If the original documents have bookmarks—for example those of the U.S. Department of Education’s Digest of Education Statistics or the Census Bureau Statistical Abstract have bookmarks; these are retained and may be supplemented.