eLibrary Formats

Most of the documents collected to support im+m’s research are found in the General Archive. im+m has separated audio and video content into a special Media Library. im+m converts audio into mp3 to facilitate use on mp3 players; video is converted into mp4, the format most frequently found on video pods or vpods.

Relevant information standards and specifications, and hardware and software manuals may be found in the Education and Information Technology Collection. Superseded standards and specifications and manual are placed into a special collection of Superseded Editions to avoid older versions from being retrieved in a general search.

Recently im+m was requested to include financial information for certain U.S. non-profits. im+m also has public financial data for selected companies providing software and services to colleges and universities. This collection is being developed as a special archive called “Corporate Financial and Legal Records.” Documents are being added as organizations of interest are identified and the records become available. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service is the primary source of documents for non-profit organizations. The Security and Exchange Commission is the primary source for profit-making organizations.

Information on U.S. student financial aid from earlier work is included in a special collection. Because of anticipated research, documents are again being added to this collection. Also information about Canadian student financial aid is being added as well as the two countries share technology.