eLibrary Background

The eLibrary is a collection of documents that im+m found useful and thought they may also be useful later. There are approximately 20,000 documents (files) in the eLibrary.

Knowing that documents often disappear from government sites and corporations, im+m has made a special effort to include all documents referenced in our research.

im+m has used Acrobat bookmarks heavily both for navigation from collection to publisher, to a list of documents for that publisher, and finally to the documents themselves. Documents are often bookmarked to assist readers to locate materials within a document.

A list of publishers is available in the Front Matter at  www.immagic.com/eLibrary/FRONT/PUBLISHR.pdf The code corresponds to the folder name. Eight characters or less and a limited character set is used to comply with ISO 9960 specification file names used for CD-ROM, DVD and other digital media.