The eLibary is used for research by im+m staff and associates and, by online access, our colleagues. If you use the eLibrary carefully note any copyrights that may limit redistribution.


Most documents available from www.immagic.com/eLibrary/ in the following folders:

  • ARCHIVES/GENERAL – Almost all of the documents added
    since 2002.
  • TECH – Publications of technology and learning
    standards organizations and documents that describe commonly used technologies.
  • MEDIA – A limited collection of video and audio presentations where transcripts or detailed references are typically not available.

There are other specialized collections:

  • CBICBT – Copy of a 1999 collection of standards for development of computer-based instruction and training.
  • FIN_AID – U.S. Department of Education operational instructions and Advisory Committee reports. Primarily from the “Modernization” effort in which im+m participated and ongoing work with Sigma Systems Inc.
  • MAPS – A collection of maps used by travelling im+m and Sigma Systems staff. Primarily campus and local maps.
  • ACHIVES/EBOOKS – Few published as eBooks that permit redistribution.
  • ARCHIVES/SUPRSDED – Superseded versions of documents from TECH or series from ARCHIVES.
  • ARCHIVES/FINREC – Financial records from both non-profit and profit-making organizations.