Bio – Michael Ivanov

Bio – Michael Ivanov

(Principal Software Engineer)

Michael was recruited by the uPortal development team because of his mastery of information technology and his experience in higher education.

Michael graduated from the St. Petersburg State Technical University with a degree in Computer Science Subsequently he was a Lecturer at the University teaching Enterprise Java and Java Server Side Program and Design Patters. The uPortal team asked Michael to come to the U.S. to lead development.

He was a software architect at instructional media + magic Inc. designing and implementing major modules and components for Jasig’s uPortal using XSLT, Spring, Hibernate, JDP and Apache Axis. He developed a complex and effective algorithm for managing and navigating customizable user layouts. He also designed and implemented Aggregated Layout Manager for uPortal 2 allowing multiple layout fragment sources to be used during layout assembly for presentation.

Michael also designed and developed an on-line real-time prototype for the exchange of PESC standard electronic transcripts among the California community colleges. The project was motivated by the number of students who were simultaneously enrolled at more than one college and for those that transferred colleges.

He participated in the recommendations for and implementation of software standards such as the Java specifications, web services, and Apache designs. in open source software. His conference presentations and discussions contributed to the Jasig practices

In 2005 and 2006 as senior developer at Unicon Inc, he contributed further design and development of uPortal.  He implemented WSRP (Web services remote portlet protocol) to support portal display from other websites. He also participated in the development of a version of uPortal for Pearson Education’s online learning services

From 2007 he has been software architect at FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), “the largest independent regulator for all securities firms doing business in the United States.”  (The New York Times describes FINRA and their projects here

In August 2012 Michael returned to open-source software development. He was Principal Software Engineer for Sigma Systems Inc.’s Kuali Student Accounts project and now for Boston College’s KSA implementation and the new Kuali Student Financial Aid (KSFA) project. He collaborates with the broader Kuali Student project staff as needed.