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Beautiful software meets your students where they are

im+m brings together information technologists and subject-matter experts to develop exceptional higher education IT projects. As a part of every project we assemble a unique team consisting of our specialists, contributors from colleges and universities, and partners from other companies. Project development follows the successful “open research and development” model combining talent and sharing resources in a transparent open-information environment.

Who are we?

What do we build?

We are in the business of higher education. Numerous open-source and white-label products have been designed, built and produced by our team, from products on a single college campus or department to projects in use across thousands of institutions. Our current line of products are aimed at the financial aid and financial wellness areas of higher education, bringing feature-rich, beautiful software to both students and administrators.

Mobile First

We produce beautiful, functional, mobile-first applications to empower your students using the device they feel most comfortable with.

Cloud Based

Our offerings are securely hosted in the cloud, reducing the impact on your overstretched IT resources.


One size never fits all. Our software is designed to keep your look and feel, as well as adapt to your processes.

Continuous Improvement

Our applications are constantly evolving to improve your, and your students' experience.

Our Philiosphy

Good software solves a problem, and it solves it well. And as a tool, it should look and feel good, too. We believe much of our success relies on the following three pillars:

Our Team

The team is a collection of talented individual with experience in current technology with a record of success, and productive integration with subject-matter experts.


The project is a collaboration with open communication among all parties. No two teams are the same, and we work with each stakeholder to find the optimum balance of feedback and communication.


Research on “prior art”—what people have done before—and participation in industry standards bodies exploits what others have done and ensures interoperability with other software, improving both quality and value to the end user.