Bio – Justin Tilton

Bio – Justin Tilton

(President Emeritus )

Facebook and Google have taught us that designers mastering computer technology are the stars of user experience.

Justin studied Cybernetics—arcane computer science—at UCLA ,and graduated with honors from the University of California at Davis in Applied Design.

Justin started his career working for LucasArts motion picture entertainment company as a designer at Skywalker Ranch. Following a passion to work in education, inspired by his parents and Lucas Learning, Justin joined Cosumnes River College to pioneer a multimedia teaching and learning center for faculty as part of a multi-million dollar project grant from the Department of Education.

Following the establishment of the lab and curriculum, he co-founded the consulting team of instructional media + magic, inc. Justin was President of im+m for eleven years. During this time, the company focused on open-source technology in higher education. As advisors and developers, the staff of Instructional media + magic had fundamental roles in projects such as Jasig’s uPortal, NCHELP’s Meteor Project, and California’s statewide eTranscript initiative.

He consulted with remoteLearner on the introduction of the Moodle learning system and early Sakai Educational Partners program at the University of Michigan. He went on to earn his Master’s of Business Administration from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland.

After his graduate studies in business, Justin became the Director of Technology in Premium Education Services at AOL in Dulles, Virginia. He led a division of software engineers, contractors, and vendors to develop education products, including a multi-million dollar public vertical search engine and e-learning portal for K-12 Students, Parents and Teachers.

He is a member of the instructional media + magic inc. Board.

Currently, Justin is a member of a Sigma Systems Inc. team that develops and contributes software to the open-source Kuali Foundation Student Accounts software project. He led user experience design. Now he is leading an im+m project to develop student financial aid servicing software.

His occasional presence in the Washington DC office is being warmly received.